Ethics In AI

Ethics in AI: Building Future Technology enabled with Moral Values

Conference on Ethics in AI


AI fusioned with Ethics

CreateBytes envisions to build tech products that are considerate about human emotions and values, using datasets in manner where there is an accountability to maintain privacy and secrecy of those dataset owners. Artificial Intelligence thrives to be the ultimate future where technology becomes the support system for the human world. But this future needs to have roots that are nurturing the technology to value human beings. Therefore, this webinar is in the light of the same where the well known professors, researchers, scholars or leaders in the world of Artificial Intelligence will provide their opinion on the same subject.


Date & Time

December 20, 2020
Sunday At 3pm (IST), 09:30 am (GMT)



1 hr



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Ethics in AI

Discussion Topics

The webinar will look forward to establishing a discourse on the following topics:

  • Bias in AI: A detailed discussion on bias in AI in terms of Racism, Sexism, Non- Identification of Gender.
  • Is your data safe on a cloud platform?
  • Can we maintain human individuality or Humans will end up being objects or datasets?

Webinar Topics for Discussion on Ethics in AI

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