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6 Web Development Trends Expected to Rise in 2021

Wed Apr 14 2021  ·  


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web development trends in 2020

As the digital industry continues to bloom and prosper, technologies have continuously been evolving to live up to the demands of users. Humans find new ways to innovate, doing things faster and with more flair than they did before. Developers are always looking forward to discovering new technologies that can lead them to a brighter future.

6 web development trends every CTO should expect in 2021

Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search optimization made life easy

The times have gone when information was all about texts, presently, more and more Internet users prefer communicating with audio than using text information. Therefore, web developers need to focus on audio and speech interpretation. It is also one of the most rapidly emerging technologies in web development.

Recent web development technology trends emphasize the importance of voice optimization for websites. Most companies want to ride the wave that will support shaping the future of the Web, hence, enhancing their digital products with the resources of voice search.

This emerging technology brings many advantages to not only users but business owners too. Following are some benefits.

-     Saves time and allows a user to order more products.

-     Serves as a source of customer behavior analytics.

Below, we have listed the measures you can take to follow this latest trend and optimize your website with voice search.

-     Using natural language processing with straightforward answers to specific questions.

-     Drawing on schema markup and rich snippets for clearer indexing by search engines.

-     Boost your website content by eliminating duplicate pages and updating important information.

-     Control Domain Authority (DA) of your website and other traditional search rankings.

-     Using Web Speech API that simplifies the implementation of speech recognition to your website.

Voice search and navigation is one of the most interesting latest website technology trends that ranks in the “Don’t miss” list.

Motion UI

Web design is not just about fancy pictures, but about creating instinctual and responsive interfaces that your users will appreciate. Motion UI is grounded on extensive research, and when you use it properly in your website’s design, it can boost page conversion rate easily.

According to research, a developer has less than 15 seconds to grab the user's attention on your website. And Motion UI, being one of the latest web development trends, is great at managing this task. 

Motion UI in applications

Motion UI is a robust front-end library for the creation of customizable animated UI elements. With it, one can construct modular scrolling, background animations, or animated charts, etc. will help to express the unique style and keep the user entertained. Motion UI turns out to be especially helpful in progressive web app design.

It further helps to boost the web app rankings in search results. Keeping all these pointers in mind, it can be understood that Motion UI is one of the most important modern trends in web application development that make the UI design process simpler and faster. 

Serverless Applications and Architecture

Amid digitalization cloud applications have expanded even more during this year. And the Web, as one of the most rapidly evolving domains, documented a large increase in the demand for serverless architecture.

Serverless computing is one of the most interesting current web trends and can claim many benefits. The main advantages of this approach include enhanced scalability; faster time-to-market; cost-effectiveness and delegated maintenance.

Building serverless applications

Serverless development suggests that programmers can build and run their web apps without a need to think about servers. Moreover, these apps still run on servers, but they are supported by cloud providers.

This way, the business logic of serverless software systems is executed by the provider, and the same goes with server management. Among the serverless computing services providers, the best examples are Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain offers a two-sided transaction event, meaning that each transaction is verified by a decentralized distributed network. This will help to know which data is verified and clear. It is one of the rapidly emerging technologies in web development, and it offers benefits like; decreased financial business expense; reduces the quantity of transaction contracts; enhances cash flow provided by transparent records/data.

Blockchain technology

In terms of web development, Blockchain is one of the new web development technologies that provides the following advantages:

-     Smart prediction system.

-     High web page interactivity.

-     Data security.

-     Safe transactions.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet has brought a change in almost every industry; education, management, healthcare, and even the way we interact with our peers.

The enlarged impact of the Internet on our lives made it possible to start an industry called the Internet of Things (IoT). What does it mean? It means connecting home devices, appliances, or wearable technology to the Internet. This technology makes lots of your devices accessible via your phone.

Internet of Things the game changer

The matter is that IoT-connected devices create constant data transferring, hence, allowing companies to offer their services to engage with users as quickly as possible and creating a personalized experience. Many IoT devices allow users to enjoy features like media, alarms, lights, and other functions just with their voice.

But the question arises, how does it make any sense for the web development domain? IoT will establish advanced communication between website layouts and operational models. This trend has a broad strength of things like sensors, cameras, and signaling equipment. It will ensure to solve client requests more effectively and offer the most relevant responses.

Being one of the most powerful trends that will shape the future of web development; comes in handy the following benefits:

Scalability. Assuring data distribution and collection.

Reliability. Considering data collection and delivery, this technology provides accurate results without delays and errors.

Support and security. Providing powerful security technologies that will help protect both business and user data

Progressive web apps

A PWA is an application that works as a website with almost full regular mobile app experience. It functions independently from the browser and interacts with the customer as a native application.

Let us investigate the pros of PWA development in detail:

-     Lesser development and support costs.

-     Faster launch to the market.

-     Simpler distribution

-     Easy installation

-     Saving device power and storage

-     Effortless maintenance and updating.

This trending web development technology allows businesses to stay competitive in the modern market.

Progressive Web Apps

One of the important aspects of building a PWA is creating a UX/UI design that highlights user experience. Progressive web apps should be very similar to the native apps in their look and feel, and it is important to create intuitive UX and visually appealing UI design. Finding an extra way to engage with your mobile users is a good investment in your relationship with potential or existing clients. Thus, the PWA technology looks like an interesting trend for businesses.


The 2021 trends in web development will alter the way businesses can interact with their clients. Adopting the latest technologies, websites can stay competitive and offer a great user experience, thus ensuring a strong base in providing the user demands.



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