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AR Broadcasting: A New Digital Marketing Frontier

Tue May 26 2020  ·  


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Broadcasting via AR is a new way to deliver enhanced experience

AR Broadcasting: A New Digital Marketing Frontier

“Augmented Reality is going to take some time to get right, but I think it’s profound."

-Tim Cook

From Google to Facebook, every single tech giant has now turned its head towards augmented reality to design and innovate cutting edge production tools. Even the R&D sector has adopted AR techniques to change the dynamics of the industry. For example, AR has proved to be immensely useful in conducting test trials of self-driving cars. In this blog, we are going to discuss how broadcasting is leveraging augmented reality to deliver an enhanced customer experience. Ground-breaking 3D designs rendered by AR add an altogether new dimension to the broadcasting. Broadcasting studios are no longer boring and traditional, AR is turning them into more real and fascinating.

Recently, a weather channel used broadcasting AR by adopting a virtual framework to display information related to Hurricane Florence. The introduction was so vivid that the internet couldn’t stop gushing about it. That’s the kind of effect AR creates on people. AR can turn simple 2D print media into interactive 3D visualizations. Having said that, let’s start with the reasons to adopt AR for broadcasting.



Augmented Reality leveraged for broadcasting

Why is AR the perfect choice for Broadcasting?

Do you know what exactly is the background scenario of broadcasting? Storytelling, right? AR is continuously improving broadcasting storytelling by embracing graphics and taking into account better interaction with the viewers. To understand why AR is the perfect choice for broadcasting, let’s look at some of the important integrations broadcasters need, to develop more realistic illustrations and environments:

  • Daily propensity for tuning in by the new audience.
  • Tuning in for only one portion by the viewers.
  • Audience engagement in climate and traffic storytelling that has a different experience when delivered on large screens.

Benefits of AR Broadcasting

Hyper-realism is a term that has been coined recently in the industry. What’s the great thing about AR that differs it from the technologies in the same arena? Unlike VR, AR adds computer-generated inputs over real-world objects. VR creates a completely virtual experience for users that has no relation to the real world. Therefore, AR’s significance is rising exponentially because it provides the best of both worlds, real and virtual. Read on to explore how the broadcasting industry is getting benefited from AR.

AR used by media and entertainment industry

Creating Brand Awareness

  • Stunning factor through AR campaigns.
  • Getting media to discuss your brand.
  • Bringing much-needed awareness on the ground.
  • Increasing customer interactions with the brand.
  • Providing novel empiricism to the viewers.

Bringing Customer Engagement on the Table

  • Time reduction in advertisements.

  • Interactive marketing campaigns.

  • Maintaining the customer retention rate.

  • Empowering digital sales.

  • Efficient delivery of services.

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Incorporating more facts and data into visuals.

  • Setting transactions at a noteworthy speed.

  • Bringing customer loyalty to the brand.

  • Maintaining healthy customer relationships.

  • Encompassing growth-driven decisions.

Digital Delivery in Real World

  • Promoting digital marketing.

  • Amplifying customers’ online shopping experience.

  • Bridging conventional and advanced marketing channels.

  • Transforming static leaflets into 3D visuals.

  • Ability to create a better user interface.

Optimized Business Growth

  • Creating better business solutions.

  • Enhancing knowledge quality.

  • Activating new opportunities for income generation.

  • Bringing down expenses.

  • Making more shows inside a small studio.

Final Words

Lastly, we would like to say that designers have to refine programming to bring AR innovations and applications into existence. AR is set to create an impact on the business world by changing marketing strategies undoubtedly. The broadcasting industry needs to figure out how to fuse augmented reality into its future marketing efforts to avoid falling behind in the scenario. 


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