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Enhance UX via Animation in UI Design

Thu Aug 27 2020  ·  


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Animation in UI and UX Design

Motion graphics always had a special place in both the design and in the eyes of the spectator. The aesthetic charm of animation in UI design cannot be denied and along with that smooth knowledge sharing that the designer/admin wants to impart through the animation to the user of the website or the application. Animation in User Interface is like an extra glitter being sprinkled to boost the engagement rate.

Though a long debate has been going on from the previous decade between the designers related to whether Animation is just a decorative piece of User Interface or not. But, we at CreateBytes, being a Design and Development Studio understand the relevance of good animation and what impact it can make to your business. Motion Graphics contains both purpose and style in a UI Design.  And, the major role of animation in UI design is to enhance user experience.

Why is animation important in User Interface and User Experience?

  • Animation enhances the presentation of the product by which it means that the product features are highlighted more clearly and in an artistic manner.


highlight product features through animation

  • One of the major concerns of each and every business is how much traffic they get on their platform and what steps do they need to take in order to increase it. Animation can definitely be one of the answers as the artist as well as the visual appeal of the motion graphics can definitely help.
  • High-end graphics especially if they are motion graphics can help you to maintain a good brand name in the market. Motion graphics or animation contributes to your UI Design which enhances your user experience.

Points to consider while adding animation in UI Design to Enhance User Experience

  • Duration and speed in animation

maintain the duration and speed in anaimation

The time taken for the elements to change their state or position and for the viewer to adapt and understand should be kept in mind by the designer in order to deliver an exclusive motion graphic experience. Especially, if there is text in the animation then the readability time should be considered as well.

  • Ease of movement

The motion graphic designer needs to consider that the animation should not look mechanical or artificial. The animation should have ease of movement. The object/ element in the animation should move with a certain amount of acceleration or deceleration- based on the requirement of the animation.

  • Symmetry in movement

symmetry of movement in animation

The animation should be consistent in all the similar elements on the website/ application. For example, if the first card is moving in an upward direction then the rest of the widgets should move similarly to give a consistent look in the design. This will make things more clear, transparent and easy to understand by the user.

  • Animation at the right minute

  • Take Feedback

Further, animations can be used to take client feedback as well. Animation has the tendency to impress and changes the last minute mood of the client and therefore, animation can be any business’ last-minute saviour as well.

  • Highlight Error

Ever noticed a shake on your web page when there is an error? This sort of animation comes handy when you need to highlight warnings or errors on your web page.

  • Ring the bell

Ringing for notification is yet another animation that is common but most effective in bringing the user’s attention towards a notification.

  • Slide the Menu Bar

Optimize the left or right slide on your website/application to view in and out the menu bar. Not only is this animation trending but it is easy to understand and adaptable by the user.

Tools to create animations for UI Design

  1. Adobe After Effects

$31.49/month, compatible with both Windows and Mac

  1. Origami

Free of Cost, compatible with Mac

  1. Flinto

$99/yr, compatible with Mac

  1. Framer

$15/month for 1 person and $99/month for the team, compatible with Mac

  1. Mockplus Cloud

$39-$129/month, compatible with any web

  1. Motion UI

Free, Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 10+, iOS 8+, Android 4+


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