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Everything about AI Chatbots

Thu Apr 02 2020  ·  


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AI chatbot is a conversational tool that has the ability to talk to humans

Right Chatbots for Your Business

Artificial Intelligent has made the world intelligently ‘smart’ and now is on its way to replace manual labour for human interaction as well.  AI chatbot service these days has become a substitute for many organisations to provide the customer with 24*7 interaction services. This blog post will precisely put a light on what a chatbot is, how AI for Chatbot works and why is it essential for your organisation to have one.

What is an AI Chatbot? 

Chat with a Robot!

A chatbot is a conversational tool that interacts with humans on a live chat. It is made with AI algorithms to function in a way where it understands, analyses and then reacts in accordance with the statement made by the human interactor. Chatbots these days have become a fundamental part of the business firms where first-query solutions are usually provided by this human alternative.  

How does AI Chatbot work?

Chatbots are similar to any other messaging application where the two people are having a conversation like WhatsApp but in case of Chatbots, it is the machine who is replying to the human. They reply to your queries and are especially used to answer FAQs. The AI algorithms will ultimately classify the text and select the words and model the same in the language which the machine understands.  Two important aspects which become crucial for a chatbot to function are:

  • The human should give input in an appropriate manner which should look like a natural reply or statement.  

  • The bot should be able to understand the input given by the human being. And; for that, the Artificial Neural Network and Natural Language Processing (NLP) should be perfectly coded.

Want a demo to see how AI Chatbot works for a website!

Let’s take a hypothetical situation where the person wants to book a salon appointment and uses his bot for the same. Let’s see how it will work!

working of AI ChatBot


Why do you need AI Chatbot for your business firm?

AI chatbot has become a must for your business website as it becomes easy for you to interact and be available for your customer day and night. Chatbot solves and handles the first stage query sessions itself and; it replaces the manual labour which is cost-effective in return for the organisation. Further, it helps you in several ways:

  • You get an insight from the data collected about your product and services. Provided from the inputs given by your customer, you are opening the room to make your product and services user-friendly. 

  • Having an AI chatbot improves the quality of end-user experience. Being available to entertain the queries can be tedious as well as expensive for the firm. Whereas, the AI chatbot solves your purpose by being available all the time to answer your customer’s queries and feedback. 

  • Chatbots can be multilingual. Yes, you heard it right; your chatbot can reply in multiple languages as well. Having a multilingual chatbot can provide a healthy chance of the customer ending up purchasing your products or services as the chatbot will lead the customer support and communication. 

But, all this can only work smoothly if your AI Chatbot is running smoothly even in the disturbed environment. 

Need assistance to own your own AI Chatbot. Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

CreateBytes is a multifaceted studio offering: design, marketing, tech, product & application development aids and solutions. Our team is an expert in setting up codes, algorithms and programs to function smoothly and enable your AI chatbot to work in a robust manner. We will provide you with a platform that can work as a service. 


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