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Industry 4.0| Internet Of things

Wed Mar 25 2020  ·  


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Benefit from Industry4.0


Just like the evolution of humans, the machines aka the technology is evolving every day. Until now the world has already seen the impacts of technological innovation in the industries. And; how technological advancement specifically the internet or the internet of things (IoT) has already brought significant changes and led to three industrial revolutions whereas, we are on the verge to bring another. 

History of Industrial Revolutions

Let’s track the industrial revolutions up till now to better understand the upcoming one!

Industry 1.0

  • Began in the late 18th century, 

  • The invention of the steam engine and the weaving machine (Spinning Jenny)

  • Simple machine-based products produced using steam power

Industry 2.0

  • Began in the late 19th century and was in frame till the 1940s 

  • Electricity was the major invention period and electrical tools and machinery brought a change in the industrial sector

  • Mass production happened as a result

Industry 3.0

  • Began in the mid 20th century

  • Computer and automation came with a bang

  • Supported by machines and later by information technology, the digital world changed the working mechanism of industries

Contemporary Scenario- Industry 4.0 

  • Began in the 21st century

  • Artificial Intelligence is evolving every day and has become an integral part of society

  • Internet of Things (IoT)| Deep Learning| Robotics| Cloud| 3D Printing is changing the current technological environment rigorously 

But What is INDUSTRY 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is so much more than being just a trending phrase. 


Industry 4.0 refers to the transformation in the manufacturing industry that has been led via digital automation which enables the machine to gather more information fastly, perform big data analytics and make decisions on its own for better results feasibly. This revolution is aimed at increasing productivity, lowering cost, shift in economic situations and will cater to industrial growth by making industries more competitive. Sometimes also labelled as IIoT (Industry of Internet of Things), the revolution is all about interconnectivity, real-time data, automation and machine learning as this revolution is all about industrial capitalists investing in the new technology for better insights, process and production. 


Technological Changes that will foster Industry 4.0

Hundreds of concepts are tagged with the IIoT but here a few technological changes that will empower the business growth the most:

  • Interconnectivity/ IIoT

Interconnectivity in Industry 4.0 basically introduces smart factories that will highly focus on M2M (Machine to Machine) communication eliminating mediators like people to save time & cost. Also; this will maintain a boost in productivity level.


  • Big Data

Large data analysis and data processing remain the constant factors of Industry 4.0 as it will provide insights to build a strong platform and fasten up the decision making process for the manufacturing industry. Furthermore, the machines will be trained to make effective decisions on their own. 


  • Simulation

  • Every businessman wants to know each and every detail about their product or service and if it will be able to please the user or not. Simulation works to derive the same results; as a model of the product is tested in the virtual environment mirroring the physical world and the changes or the up-gradation required is done simultaneously. 


  • Cloud

More productions require more data sharing across the boundaries and that too should be achieved in milliseconds. Industry 4.0 is ready to deploy data in a fraction of seconds and to simultaneously store humongous data alongside. 


  • Security Services

Security has always been prioritised be it a small scale organisation or a big one. With the increasing demand for secure systems, the technical industry is building and is coming up with new technological advancements that guarantee security along with privacy. 


  • Augmented reality

To make room for improving decision making and manufacturing-related decisions, augmented reality will serve as a platform for real-time information providers that will eventually lead to a robust manufacturing process. This technological advancement is at an infant stage but has a large scope of development in the upcoming years. 


  • Sensors & Connected Devices

Each IoT application has different requirements and to cater to those needs, sensors are required to regulate the connectivity between the devices. By the time the variety of these sensors is highly increasing as the technicians are engaged in embedding more and more features into it like wireless, low energy consumption and security. 

  • Manufacturing & Digital Scanning

  • 3D scanning became the talk of the year and is expected to reach the masses by 2020. 3D scanning is helping companies to produce a model at a low cost, saves time and energy simultaneously. Further, this technology creates room for reverse engineering, product development, testing and validation. 


Benefits of Industry 4.0 to the Business Owners

  1. Make business owners a tough competition in their respective field. 
  2. Make room for continuous supervision and improvisation between the manufacturing process.
  3. Make a robust environment for the manufacturing process.
  4. Make an intelligent environment for the workforce by allowing them to think innovatively on how to utilize their available resources.
  5. Make profit by saving time, producing large and trimming the cost simultaneously.
  6. Makes security a priority and insists on maintaining the privacy of the company data.
  7. Make room for necessary testing and validation on a digital twin before launching. 
  8. Makes companies make smart decisions with the help of robots that are now more smart, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Wrapping up

Technological advancement has provided enough to ensure one’s business growth and scalability but the only hurdle that occurs between businesses to achieve its targeted goal is to hire the correct people who can rightly make the best of the given resources. Leverage our services and save your time by investing in the right place and with the right people. 


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