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Netflix design Analysis- UI/UX Review

Tue Oct 12 2021  ·  


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Netflix design Analysis- UI/UX Review

What is your preferred source of entertainment? If this question is asked to our generation, I believe half of them will answer lying in a blanket, eating snacks, and watching movies. We have shifted from viewing TV Cable format broadcast to online movie streaming. This huge shift happened with people experiencing better comfort and joy in streaming video services.

Quality customer experience is an important part of any company in the service industry that wants to operate. Netflix is a major cause of the enticements that can be produced by highlighting the efforts of a business to improve the user experience of its customers.

Netflix UI UX is the only reason behind its revolution from a video rental company into one of the leading online movie streaming platforms.

“Are you still watching?”


Netflix has set a prodigious example of increased positive growth and customer engagement. There are many lessons about the customer-centered experience that can be learned from Netflix design and used by professional services firms.


Here are some of the lessons that you can learn from UI UX designers of Netflix.

  • Would you prefer a website that is cluttered with the not-required information and filled with the extra? Netflix has a great way to sufficiently provide them as brief and benefits-driven of a message to its users. The interface is distraction-free and easy to follow. It ensures from the beginning that its users experience getting through the signing process easily and without any doubts along the way. 

Netflix UI

  • How do you feel when it is so easy to add the movies you wish to watch to your personal list? How about having your easily accessed user? Netflix offers a choice to create unique user profiles in multiple screening plans. It consistently refines its customer experience. This means that you can view content, rate it, or add it to your personal wish list. Personalization is one of those things consumers actually look for in the user experience — and the better a website can deliver on it; the more loyal they’ll be as customers.


  • Netflix operates in a dark theme providing its customer’s comfort and affluence. The attractive thumbnails are an addition to its design. The posters and descriptions with appropriate fonts and styles make it easy for users to find preferred binge watches. The entire Netflix design is attractive and fascinating enough for a user to add it to their favourite site.


  • Netflix focuses on customer satisfaction; its entire design is user-centered. They have a unique way of recommendations, feedback, and details about the shows. They show genre with sufficient words with the title and the preview of it. They show small clips of a series or movie such that a user can get a glimpse of the series while knowing whether they want to watch it or not. I feel their customer engagement techniques are on point.

Netflix UI UX

  • Your little cousin or your child asks you to watch Netflix and with just one switch Netflix creates a kid-friendly user for you, how incredible is that? Netflix has made it easier for parents to control what their children can watch by enabling users with a kid’s only profile. 
  • The Smart Downloads feature of the Netflix app removes the episodes that you have already watched and downloads the next episode once your device is connected to Wi-Fi. This helps in handling the storage in a better way. How convenient is that?


Netflix is a genius when it comes to providing a user experience to its customers. But remember it wasn’t the same in the beginning. Netflix Designers have analyzed, researched, and studied trends to create a customer preferred design. Constant improvement, personalization, reliable data usage, and testing are all key aspects of its success. Netflix’s will to meet customers’ needs is its charm.

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