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Top 5 Product Management Software for Smooth Monitoring

Tue Apr 20 2021  ·  


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Product Management Software

From creating tasks to ensuring proper functioning and completion of the task, a product manager does it all. But it is tough to keep a note of everything, and that’s where technology comes to the rescue. Nowadays product managers use software to create the task, check progress and deal with any issue without talking to the person face-to-face. 

Why is it important to choose the right product management software? 

These tools allow the product manager to manage the team more effectively as you can always be aware of what is happening around you. The most important feature is that it will make your team more efficient and thus, it is important to make sure you are evaluating the apps you use carefully. Worst case, the wrong apps, and tools could slow down your team and progress rather than improving it.

Therefore, let us check out some best-rated product management software.


It is a popular tool designed specifically that uses agile project management software for development teams to plan, track, and release software? Apart from creating stories, planning sprints, tracking issues, and shipping up-to-date software, product managers can also generate reports that help improve teams and give the advantage to create their workflows. As part of Atlassian, it integrates with many tools that allow teams to manage their projects end to end. This software is extremely user-friendly, allowing every user to plan, track, and release great works.

Jira project management software


Want to be the boss of your work? Asana is the tool that you should go for. This software helps you to keep track of everything that everyone is working on. Asana gives you the power to create your task list and then move it according to convenience. It also gives the privilege of a visual project timeline that solves the purpose of reviewing holistic progress.

Asana project management software

What makes this application a “perfect tool” is that it works well in collaboration with several of your other favorites like Slack, Outplanr, Google Calendar, and Dropbox. It also allows you to set up your progress, note due dates, and make sure that scheduling and rescheduling are simple and easy. 

Some features of this tool include document management; project management; time & expense; Tracking; portfolio management and resource management

Click up

If you want to manage tasks efficiently, including managing your more substantial tasks, full projects, small tasks, and notes, this product management tool will fit the criteria. It is designed in such a way that allows you to customize everything giving every team member a system that works according to their needs. Click-up further enables you to do programmed scheduling with estimated times, and you can choose who gets to see what on the system.

Click-Up project management software

Goals can be set and see the progress as well as changing up the view that works best for you. A few features of this amazing tool include a task tray; notepad; assigned comments; Dark mode and Integrations.

Kissflow Project

KiSSFLOW, which stands for Keep it Simple & Smart Workflow, authorized users without technical backgrounds to implement product management practices in their office with no coding or intricate mapping. It is designed with a focus on collaboration, coordination, and cutting down all the unnecessary tracking, hence, allowing to focus on the things that matter.

KissFlow project management software

It is suitable for businesses of all sizes and many industries. This product management tool also helps to initiate process requests, view items that require user actions, and approve pending tasks, thus making it very easy for the product manager to monitor task progress easily.


This product management tool gives the ability to communicate with your team via ‘best-in-class collaboration. Wrike has features like document management tools and different communication features. It allows us to set up priorities for what needs to be done and ensure that the team works more efficiently at the tasks that matter.

Wrike project management software

With this system, you can get a more straightforward process for staying updated on what is happening in the projects you made so that you can send the information to your clients. Some features of Wrike include Critical path; Collaborative team editing; Folder hierarchy


This software helps the project managers and team are in living up to the client requirements and manage time, budget, and scope constraints. This business application provides benefits particularly if chosen correctly to match an organization’s requirements.


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