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UX Rules for a Better Design

Thu Apr 08 2021  ·  


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UX rules for better design

Imagine a website that has the perfect color contrast, typography, and alignment, but lags functioning, would you want to spend another second on it? Well, this can be defined as a nightmare for any software developer. User experience is equally important for a website to attract and retain viewers’ attention. Therefore, abiding by a few golden would just do the trick.

Don Norman coined the term “user experience” as the following when he worked in Apple back in the 1990s.

Defination of User Experience

Chatting has become quite popular in the past few years and many well-known apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram have gained excessive users by keeping the user interface simple and user experience so strong that once a user starts using the app, there is no turning back.

As the shift to digital medium accelerates, the connections, conversations, and questions increase by folds. Therefore, to tackle this problem and provide a quality user experience, conversational interfaces have become quite in demand nowadays. Various industrial leaders like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, etc. have been focusing on building smart and helpful conversational interfaces. Technologies like artificial intelligence and natural language processing help to keep meet the demands.

To help you with the designing better, here are some of the best practices that must be followed regularly that will make sure that the designs are conversational and are a perfect User experience

UX rules to follow for a better design

Clear Flow

The design must have a conversational interface that flows naturally and efficiently. This will help to minimize the user’s effort and make sure that communication takes place freely with the system without any obstacles. And this can be done by Defining the purpose of the system. A single system may not be able to do all the tasks of the users. To provide the best solution to the user you must get an idea of what the users want of your system and cater to it accordingly.

Open-ended and rhetorical questions are NO NO!

These types of questions work well in human conversations but do not fit the criterion of UX rules for web design. Open-ended and rhetorical questions tend to create confusion and enhance the complexity of the system. Processing takes time and there is no certainty of answers as the processing system may not be smart enough to understand what the answer means.

Vibe like the user wants!

If the frequency of the UX design does not match the demands of the user, then the effort is not up to the mark. The users must be informed about what is going on by providing them with suitable responses within a satisfactory time. And this can be achieved by using structured messages that guide the users in their interaction. By minimizing the user’s memory load by making objects, actions, and options easily visible, the goal of perfect interaction can be achieved.

 match the vibes of the user

It is further necessary that the language, words, phrases, and concepts used to be familiar to your user base rather than relying upon the system-oriented terms. The main thing that should be kept in mind is that the user feels like they are talking to a human and not to a machine. Designing the system keeping in mind the target customers will help set the vocabulary and tone perfectly.

Error Prevention

The slightest error can hinder the User experience; therefore, it is important to eliminate error-prone conditions and make efforts to fix the same and ensuring to provide the users with a smooth experience.

Take error preventions

Another important UX design rule that needs focus is that the data should be concise in your presentation. Using short sentences instead of long paragraphs does the trick. Instead of asking multiple questions in one go, request information from the user one by one.

Test and Modify!

After meeting all the rules of UX design, it is necessary that to constantly monitor the performance. This can be done by testing with many users and get suggestions from them and further implement them in your system.

always test before your user uses


To comply with the latest trends, it is important to abide by the basic rules of UX design. The conversational interface can be appropriately implemented if the guidelines mentioned above are followed. Implementing these basic steps will help to provide better results and enhance a better user experience.


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