Internet of Things Domain Expertise

CreateBytes’ Internet of Things(IoT) based services has enhanced the workings of various industrial sectors.

Petroleum Industry

IoT solutions offer to predict production and requirement, enhance utilization techniques while reducing cost simultaneously.

Internet of Things benefiting Petroleum Industry.
Internet of Things benefiting Engineering & Construction Industry.

Engineering & Construction

Simplify, modernize and speed-up your projects by giving them technical support that ultimately leads to a reduction in cost and time-saving.

Media & Entertainment

Make the measurement system for media consumption more efficient by taking necessary actions on data analytics assisted by IoT.

Internet of Things benefiting media &Entertainment Industry.
Internet of Things benefiting Goods & Retail Industry.

Goods & Retail

Through IoT solutions, you can get a ‘sensor-equipped smart device’ for your firm that enables you to keep a track on collecting, sharing and analysing data.


IoT solutions ensure continuous collection of health data that further maintains the functioning of the healthcare value cycle leading to customer satisfaction.

Internet of Things benefiting Healthcare Industry .
Internet of Things benefiting Banking & Finance Industry.

Banking & Finance

CreateBytes’ IoT solutions help you maintain a track on customer behavioural and requests towards your services which helps you to improve and grow simultaneously.

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