WOKEN provides step-by-step career guidance as you unlock clarity and build confidence in your ideal career path. They provide career guidance on all the steps to make sure you clarify your direction first, so your job search is more efficient and effective. They created WOKEN to help every professional be thoughtful at every career step.

Solution Offered

CreateBytes’s tech team helped Woken to develop their platform end-to-end. A dedicated team of experienced full-stack developers & an accountable project manager was working hand in hand with their team.



Problem Statement 

Woken came out to be a challenging project for us as it was something fresh which brought a sense of enthusiasm & skilled knowledge towards completing the project. The requirement was to create a website that includes an inbuilt software that contains multiple users along with admin, career counsellors and clients could use to maintain contact using a common platform/dashboard. 

Solution Offered

Woken onboarded CreateBytes to develop both the frontend & backend of their digital platform for which they needed highly-experienced ReactJS & Django developers. Ultimately, the development project was rigorously worked on by our most experienced full-stack developers along with the support from associate developers & a project manager. A dedicated project owner allocated from their side also made the entire development process much more effective & smooth. Moreover; scrum-based agile methodology was followed throughout the development process to maintain a transparent product development process & for a robust delivery. Lastly, the project after all the hustle bustle was deployed on the cloud platform & handed over to the client successfully. CreateBytes as a tech team takes pride in completing the project of such a prestigious organization.


How It Turned Out To Be

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