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Tips to Enhance Website User Experience

Wed Jul 22 2020  ·  


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a robust user experience is the backbone of your business

User Experience Matters!

“Your website is the centre of your digital eco-system, as a brick and mortar location, the experience matters once a customer enters, just as much as the perception, they have of you before they walk through the door.”

-Leland Dieno

CEO, Dieno Digital

How much time do we stay on a website that takes a lot of time to load? Or, how much time do we spend on a website whose functionality is difficult to understand? Or, how frustrating it becomes when we are trying to contact their team member or if it becomes difficult to locate the CTA button? Do we ever revisit these websites where we find their user experience problematic? No, we don’t because their User Experience is not up to mark.

Great user experience will help you lure your desired client and it is a must for any website as it will allow you determine whether your website visitor is willing to stay on it and do business with your company. A good website enabled via a robust user experience is the backbone of your business. So, here are some tips that will help you to enhance your user experience and will help you boost your visitor/customer satisfaction:

5 Ways to enhance your user experience like a pro

#1 Website Loading Time
One of the foremost reason for any user to come and quickly exit your website without any much surfing is the loading time of your web pages. Today’s user is living in a fast digital world where their patience level to wait for your website to load is almost equal to 0. The website loading speed will directly affect your bounce rate by approximately 20% and trust me you don’t want that. Therefore, it becomes extremely essential for you to continuously keep a check on your website loading time.

website loading time

(Pro Tip: Reduce the resolution of your images. This will highly impact your loading speed)

#2 CTA Button
Another reason why you are not able to get any conversion rates may be due to the difficulty to locate Call to Action (CTA) Button. As per the expert opinions, it is well advised to have a CTA Button that can easily catch the eye of the user and help them to navigate or rather explore your website. For this, your User Interface designer needs to dive into the psychology of the website user and then optimise his/her skills to design the CTA Button.

(Pro Tip: Think about the attractive ways that can capture the gaze of your spectator; you can use colour psychology as well to sort this problem.)

#3 White Space and Page Consistency
Did you ever come across a boring website? You surely don’t want that label for your website. So you need to work on all the white spaces in your websites that can distract and leave a negative impact on your visitor. By white spaces, we mean an excess of blank space in your website. We understand that your design needs to breathe but a perfect UI Design will maintain a balance between negative space and enough space to let your design breathe. Other than the white space page consistency is another gateway to look after. By Page Consistency, we refer to the heading size, font, colour, button, photos, illustrations and many more design factors that need to be in synchronization with other pages. The web pages should be coherent and this will ensure your design theme.

(Pro Tip: Don’t let your visitor who can be your prospective client whether he is on the right page or not.)

#4 Identify and Eliminate 404 Errors
The last thing you want for your website is to have those Page Not Found 404 errors. Though Google may neglect this small glitch on your website but your website user will not be happy with that. If your client encounters such a page then this will probably make them think whether they are investing their time in the right website or not. And, this may result in a negative review or feedback as well. Therefore, ask your backend developer to keep an eye on it.

404 errors

(Pro Tip: Leverage Google Webmaster Tools and crawl your website on it to identify all the Page errors.)

#5 Make your Website Mobile Friendly
While travelling in a metro or sitting on a lounging chair, the website user should be able to get a handful of your website in one go. The design should not be affected when the user switches from one device to another. Plus, on this, Google is on your website user’s side as well. If your website is not mobile-friendly then the Google will start penalizing it too.

(Pro Tip: Make your website smart to be compatible with the user’s smartphone.)

Last Words

It is always a good idea to check with the direct user as ultimately he is the one who will decide how your website’s user experience is. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct surveys and get feedback from your users. This will help you to find the why, where and how.


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